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Hjallmar the Horrid

Was a Northmen who led a horde of Berserkers against the Southlanders during the early days of the rule of the High King Cambruin. His attacks saw the spread of the "disease" of the berserkers.


Was the father of Ingmaar Cleftshield and was reputed as one of the greatest chieftains of the Northmen. Presumably, the town of Hjalvir was named for him by his son.


Was a great Northman Warrior, son of Hrothmnd, blood of Haelfgrim Helm-Cleaver who led 16 raids against the Southlanders, commanded 20 warriors, slew 6 giants and wielded a sword called Gramskorl that notched the hide of a Wyrm in its lair…

Herogar Torvaldson

Called the Thane of Thanes by the Northmen, Herogar was given the mighty gift of the Storm Lords by Torvald before he left on his long quest to seek the All-Father. Presumably, it was Herogar who passed on the knowledge of the Storm Lords …

Gunnar Gutthormsson

Mightiest of the Clan chieftains, Gunnar Gutthormsson, also called Gunnar the Grim, is a powerful Storm Lord and leader of a horde of fierce Barbarian warriors. Some Bards say that Gunnar is the son of Torvald himself, and has come to lead…

Egil Erglandisson

Egil is the Thane of the Hjaldikar, blood of Eglador and allegedly the greatest living Rune Caster of the Northmen. His words follow: "The word that is written is never forgotten, the name that is graven in stone lives forever. Man's name …

Cuthric Grinskold

One of the sons of Herogar, a great Northman hero renowned for his cleverness, who stole the secret of runes and runecasting from the Giants. When he discovered Herogar’s fate, Cuthric led the Northmen in a long bitter war with the Giants …