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Finn ap Cummil

Was the first and greatest of the skin changers. The legend of Finn ap Cummil, as told by the Werebears themselves, follows: "Long ago, before the age of the High King and the wars with the Northmen, when the Clans ruled over all the hills…

Diarmid mac Roan

A clever Bard and hero of the Gwendi, said to have journeyed into a magical world where Animals still ruled over Men. While in this strange place, he learned the speech of Beasts, and gained the power to tame and command animals.

Beregund the Bold

Also called the Bladeseeker, one of the greatest Human heroes ever known. Born to the Gorthini tribe (one of the Gwendi tribes), Beregund was the son of Beredir, a mighty chieftain. After Beregund watched the forces of Chaos destroy his pe…