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Zeristan the Wise

Called “the Wise,” and Lord of the Owls, Zeristan is the greatest Wizard who ever lived. Born late in the Age of Days, he lives still, wandering the World and furthering his secret plans and agendas. Zeristan is a tireless friend of all Ma…

Angillior the Blue

Angillior the Blue, Adpetus Major of the Carnelian Order was the human mage to first explore the workings and mysteries of Runegates. He founded a new sect of mages called the “Travelers.”

Almeus the Young

Was the tutor of Zarisstan and one of the greatest Wizards humankind has ever known. He discovered the principals of Sorcery after he seized the throne of Paolus, First King of Brethild. From arcane grimoires of the Deathless Empire, Almeu…