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Candrae, Queen

“The Fair” who was besieged by a host of Minotaurs but was valiantly defended by a lone knight, Sir Hurrigan.

Cambruin the High King

Also called the High King, the Chosen of the All-Father. A Knight born in Caledorn, Cambruin subdued the Ten Kings, fought the Northmen to a standstill, then waged the War of Tears against the Elves. His Code set new standards of justice t…


A military commander known as the Black Bear of Lambourne, whose army journeyed a thousand miles through the Chaos Gate and yet returned.


Was the chief chronicler of the Greensward Abbey of St. Alaric. In his Chronicles of Vanderlund, he recorded the berserker attack against King Theoderic who only escaped because of the valiant efforts of Osric of Landenhall.