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Worlds: Mirror Worlds

Mirror Worlds

Hey all!

The question has been asked here, several times, about whether the identical server plans breaks the SB lore.

Well, from a certain point of view, it does. However...

(in his best Stallone voice)I didn't beak the Lore! I AM THE LORE!

Sorry, couldn't resist...


What began as an effect of the dev process has slowly evolved into a story element, and the meta-plot is just beginning to hit on it. Indeed, some lucky servers have already had a brief reference to the phenomena. If they want to chime in here, their input will be welcome.

But bascially, to preserve the mystery, think of it this way...

Once upon a time, there was a fragment of Aerynth that contained the lands of Tyrranth (both major and minor), along with some other lands, orginally quite distant, now linked to them by seas.

For reasons that defy even the wisest sages, the runegates in this one fragment were nowhere near as easy to use as those on others. Hence, Tyrranth has existed for most of the Age of Strife as an isolated backwater.

A few months ago, many dire things happened, and all of a sudden, things were... different.

The Tyrranth fragment has somehow been reflected, duplicated into 10 fuzzy versions of itself. Sages and mystics who divined the change have taken to calling them "the Mirror Worlds," and in many far off (and still unique) fragments there is much discussion and debate over this strange phenomenon, and what it might mean.

The gates, incidentally, are still only functioning at a fraction of their power, but there are some signs that that may change...

After only a few months of study, all that is know for certain is the "what" of what happened.

Who was responsible? Why did they do it? How?
Was anyone responsible, or are the all the other far-off fragments of Aerynth also doomed to this fate? Is the fabric of reality somehow unraveling?

Hmmm.... That would be telling!