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Devon Grynshard

Devon is a descendent of Trilius Truespear, the founder and first king of the great Centaur city Kendon (which now lays in ruin). Devon was alive during The Times of Peace and participated in the Grand Alliance but shortly after the War of Tears began he, left the Grand Alliance (along with the rest of the Centaurs) distancing himself from the conflict as much as possible. While the Battle of Kierhaven was ongoing, Devon was leading his warriors in a large battle against an army of Twisted Ones, led by the Orcs. The battle never truly ended for when the world was torn asunder, the land they warred upon was tore in two. Since that day, Devon has tried to re-establish the Grand Alliance and bring Order, Peace, and Harmony to the lands by any means necessary.

Behavior Characteristics: His duty and faith to Kenaryn and the All-Father are unshakable. Devon is polite in conversation but will speak directly, with a sense of authority, to any and everyone. He is quick to act against evil, and defiant yet merciful to his enemies.

Specific Reaction Types: Is wary of all non-Centaurs, but warms up quickly too chivalrous warriors, Prelates and Crusaders. Although not fond of Elves, he recognizes that not all Elves are misguided and judges each one individually instead of as a whole. Much like Elves, Humans are to be treated on a case-by-case basis. Dwarves are fine folk.
Note that he’s not infinitely stubborn - races on his distrust or dislike list CAN win him over, but it will take some work.

More important than race or class, however, is attitude - Devon appreciates honorable and respectful people but has no patience for those who speak wrongly about the Hunter or the All-Father and has no qualms about telling them so to their face.