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Collection of Shadowbane Lore includes rare documents


Krum Felshammer

Throughout his entire existence, Krum has been driven by two forces: his unwavering loyalty to Clan Daugrim, and the piety shining in his soul. At the beginning of things, Krum and Rulf carved each others’ beards, making the two Dwarves cl…

Devon Grynshard

Devon is a descendent of Trilius Truespear, the founder and first king of the great Centaur city Kendon (which now lays in ruin). Devon was alive during The Times of Peace and participated in the Grand Alliance but shortly after the War of…


The First Huntress, a proud princess of Ethyria who defied her father’s wishes and took up arms to fight in the War of the Scourge. At the War’s ending, she had tired of the bickering between the World’s kings, and hated the fickle nature …

Kayle, Grandfather

Is a wizened Aelfborn Theif who, since the Turning, has ruled the Parliament of Vagabonds, and in turn, the Safehold of Rovyale.